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From a review on Yelp

Toddco saved our property. We had a bad experience with a tree trimming company that destroyed 25 years growth of two banks of trees on the side and front of our property. The bad trimmer also mangled the main Ficus in the center of our yard. The front trees were so traumatized by the damage (they were chain-sawed to their trunks), a virus attacked and we couldn't save them. Toddco stepped in and basically started from scratch. Philip redesigned our garden. The presentation was great -- he gave us a booklet showing all the different plants he would use and where he would put them. First, Toddco removed the front trees (no small matter since there were about 18 huge Ficus trees next to the sidewalk). Then he replaced them with about 13 Podocarpus trees. Each new tree was about 8' in height, so it was a major planting. Toddco put in a new drip irrigation system throughout the property, completely replanted our front garden and the planters that line the house, reshaped the main Ficus, and replanted the strip on the sidewalk near the street.

The results are beautiful. Philip is a gifted landscape architect. Not only is the design gorgeous, the workmanship is immaculate. The sidewalk chipped because Toddco had to use a stump grinder to remove the large Ficus roots, so Toddco fixed the sidewalk and it looks great. When the planting was complete, they power washed the concrete. The work was done very quickly and without any inconvenience to us. Actually, they bent over backwards to accommodate our timing. Because of work deadlines, we hadn't had time to pick out our deck planters. When we received short notice that an important client would be visiting, we rushed to get the planters and Toddco rearranged their schedules to make sure our trees were planted and the deck was finished in time for our client's visit. Truly an amazing company with a fabulous product and wonderful customer service. We're now arranging to have Toddco do our maintenance to ensure the garden stays beautiful. And we don't have to water -- the new drip irrigation system takes care of everything automatically. We woke up one morning to a blue sign on our front strip saying that our water­conserving garden is awesome!

Thank you, Toddco.


Toddco Landscape Co.      424-625-0814   3725 W. 110th St., Inglewood, CA 90303